Explore Red Diamond Coffee

Highest Quality 100% Arabica

We produce the highest quality 100% Arabica coffee, using only the very best of coffee beans.

Scolari Roasted in Small Batches

Our Scolari Roasters are the finest in the world. Imported from Italy, it uses convection heat - never a scorched bean.

High Altitude Grown

We only buy coffee grown at a high altitude; low grown beans are less flavorful therefore less valuable.

Only "New Crop" Coffee Beans

We always select new crop coffee beans for Red Diamond® to create a sweet rich flavor and aroma. We never buy past, old or distressed beans.

Hand Picked and Sundried

Our coffee beans are nurtured with extreme care. They are hand picked and sundried - using nature’s gentle heat.

Lowest Degree of Chaff

Our coffee is rated Best-In-Class with Low-To-Zero Chaff. Chaff has no value; many other coffees include chaff to add weight which lowers quality.